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The Green Room

  • Building a directory for sustainability contests worldwide

  • Connecting contest participants to potential investors

The goal of The CCA Green Room project is to create an intuitive, interactive, web-based directory of sustainability project contests and challenges. There are a growing number of such competitions presented online. Unfortunately, they are frequently hard to find and difficult to compare. This situation most likely discourages participation and inhibits innovation in the renewables and cleantech sectors. The Green Room concept will serve as a sustainability-contest nexus for a global community of like-minded students, entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers, and scientists. This resource could also create a basis for additional projects such as leadership and investment opportunities.T

The Green Room project aims to:

  • Introduce awareness of climate change issues to a wider audience

  • Increase participation in existing competitions

  • improve matchmaking quality between participants and contests

  • Provide a database of sustainability contests and link users to contest organizers' websites

  • Offer to connect contest winners with CLIIF investors to assist the further development of the most promising concepts

  • Become a sustainability contest advisor to establish best practices for a successful contest

  • Encourage instructors to include environmental issues in curriculum offerings

  • Serve as a resource for organizations wishing to improve or establish new challenges

  • Become a catalyst in forming worldwide design teams to address environmental issues

Current project development status:

  • A detailed project budget has been put forward, and a budget for the first year has been presented.

  • Bids have been gathered for building and maintaining a CMS platform. We have chosen a partner company to help develop the CMS Platform.

  • A Job description for a research/administrative position is being developed.

  • Funding sources are being identified.

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