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Executive Director & Co-Founder

The higher the number of people consuming at the table we call Planet Earth, the faster we MUST change the menu."

 - Stuart Williams

Stuart Williams is an entrepreneur who creates and redesigns private and public ecosystems to succeed through an alignment with the values of today's "(R)Evolutionaries." Stuart enjoyed a successful career as a business builder, owner and executive, with $800m in realized value for the companies he started, ran and worked with as an executive.


He is the founder and co-designer of the world’s first full-service, 100% transparent and accountable, fully sustainable financial institution purposed to transform global finance. It features a platform to provide benefits to global millennials, one that is designed to bring about the scale of positive change required to ensure a sustainable future. He is also a trusted advisor to prominent U.S. families and the impact initiatives they develop and manage. Stuart is a frequent global speaker who has presented his work to The Elders and at The United Nations. 





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