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Release: Global 250 Greenhouse Gas Emitters: A new Business Logic

Thomson Reuters today released its report, GLOBAL 250 GREENHOUSE GAS EMITTERS – A New Business Logic, in tandem with the United Nation’s flagship emissions gap report. Both reports were released in advance of the upcoming Climate Change Conference (COP 23).

The report was written in collaboration with CDP, an international not-for-profit organization holding the world’s largest collection of self-disclosed corporate environmental data, Constellation Research and Technology, a team of sustainability experts from Yale University, and BSD consulting, a global sustainability consultancy. Key contributions were also made from Baker McKenzie, KPMG, State Street GlobalExchange, the United Nations Gigaton Coalition, and the Norwegian Climate and Environment Ministry, and the European Space Agency.

GLOBAL 250 GREENHOUSE GAS EMITTERS – A New Business Logic, presents the latest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data from the world’s 250 largest publicly traded emitters, The Global 250 is a group of businesses in the oil, gas, utility, automotive, aircraft, manufacturing, steel, mining and cement sectors. This report looks at best practices across the economy and aims to demonstrate the relationships between decarbonisation and long-term financial performance. This information is critical to investors and policymakers, alongside the demands for increased transparency and accurate and comparable performance metrics.

(Read the full article and report at Thomson Reuters)

(Photo courtesy of Thomson Reuters)

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