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the economic effects of seal level rise on the Southeast coastal region, you are formally invited by the  Corporate Climate Alliance to join a one-of-a-kind leadership council organized to address this crucial issue.


Scheduled for September 24th through the 25th in Charleston, SC, this free, invitation-only round table will discuss the results of a proprietary study, spearheaded by Professor Norman Levine at the College of Charleston, that measures the correlation between sea level rise and GDP  in the Lowcountry in the near and long term.  


Invitees have been selected based upon their leadership in both the private or public sectors, along with their interest in formulating resiliency and mitigation solutions to sea level rise. To round out the council. we are inviting 8-10  prominent experts in municipal finance, public and private partnerships, engineering, contingency planning, community engagement, public relations, green bonds, and climate change.


We believe that this leadership council can set the stage for a larger event planned for 2019--the Tidal Decision Conference--where solutions and best practices will be disseminated to corporate and municipal leaders from throughout the Lowcountry.

CCA a strategic planning event focused on identifying practical solutions to sea level rise. In a roundtable format, we aim to hold discussions that will help establish resiliency and mitigation standards for the Southeast coastal area. This free, invitation-only event will include a facilitator, municipal and corporate leaders, and experts on sea level rise. Topics to be addressed include, but are not limited to: funding, engineering, project management, contingency planning, community engagement, public private partnerships, risk management, and impact investment. The leadership council created at this event will establish a blueprint for the initiatives to be presented at CCA’s Tidal Decision conference slated for early 2019.

CCA, with the help of Business Climate Lobby and Future 500, will host a 2.5-day conference in early 2019. The event will take place in Charleston and will be aimed at businesses and municipalities with operations near the coast. The conference will focus on how sea rise will affect the economy, and how businesses can begin to prepare for rising seas as well as the mitigation of excess carbon emissions. Topics covered will include contingency planning, public-private partnerships, the state of the coastal economy, the outlook on insurance coverage, case studies from communities in attendance, the impacts of sea level rise on real estate values, the potential for economic benefits, and how mitigation efforts can help slow sea rise in the long term.

CCA will bring in speakers ranging from mayors of regional communities (Charleston, Beaufort, Amelia Island, Norfolk) who will discuss their initiatives as municipal leaders, and some members of congress who are active preparing for sea level rise, to guest speakers from highly sustainable businesses. In addition, professor Norm Levine from the College of Charleston will present CCA’s Lowcountry study on sea rise.  CCA will market the event to sponsors including manufacturers; law, consulting, and engineering firms; banking institutions, and insurance companies.

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