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"Our prior research on the largest and most carbon intensive global businesses indicates that there are a growing number of firms that have successfully translated leadership, vision, and strategy into results both for shareholders and the planet." 

Transparency: The Pathway to Leadership

for Carbon Intensive Businesses
Published by Thomson Reuters

"American corporations must also act and, unfortunately, they have been AWOL in the politics of climate change. That is why, corporate America, I have a separate message for you: First, know that you are hugely influential. You touch every corner of American society and command extraordinary attention in our political system ... Job one is to reconsider your decision to take no action, or virtually no action, to engage politically on climate change ... now is the time to align your industry’s political engagement with your position on climate and come off the sidelines. Engage collectively in strength commensurate with the seriousness of this issue."


Sheldon Whitehouse

United States Senator (D-R.I.)

“My fear is that if we see continued insufficient progress, volatility will rise at a pace and to an extent that we are unable to contain it. Governments can’t manage it and business and society just can’t handle it. Climate volatility, temperature, rain fall, food prices, you name it. So if I’m forced to choose, climate worries me more. Cybersecurity is a very real problem, but has, in my opinion, a fix that isn’t quite so daunting - which is basically, that you have to be prudent about how you approach it, have the right preventive mechanisms, spend money proactively. But none of the fixes that can deter cyber breaches can fix climate change. Climate change isn’t just a threat to national security. I think it’s the single biggest threat to us being able to deliver a better planet to our children and grandchildren. It’s global. That’s what makes it so hard to tackle at a sub-global level."

Muhtar Kent
CEO, Coca-Cola


"Every company, investor, and bank that screens new and existing investments for climate risk is simply being pragmatic." 

“The catastrophic impacts of climate change will be felt beyond the traditional horizons of most actors – imposing a cost on future generations that will threaten financial resilience and longer-term prosperity.”

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