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President & Founder

It is time to stop subsidizing the past and to start investing in the future."

 - Mark Stenftenagel

As founder and CEO of Whitney Architects, Mark has 35 years of diversified design expertise for which he is highly respected in the industry. Under his direction and leadership, the Whitney team, made up of a diverse group of 45 architects and designers, has been instrumental in developing millions of square feet of commercial space throughout the country.

Mark has a detailed design eye and strives to be sustainable in all aspects of his life, from the car he drives to the solar panels on his house. He decided to co-found CCA out of a concern for corporations' long-term viability in the face of increasing climate disruptions to economic activity, and to act on the conviction that businesses are well positioned to be significant players in carbon drawdown. 


Mark is also president of Q Design, a product design consultancy that works with clients such as Target, Allsteel and HON.


Mark has served as co-chair of the Illinois Interior Design Coalition (IIDC) and has been a member of this legislative and advocacy group since 1995. Mark has also been on the board of directors of Onward Neighborhood House, a Westside settlement house, for over 30 years. He is a member of Elmhurst Cool Cities Coalition, an organization dedicated to reducing climate change and the carbon footprint of cities in the western suburbs.


He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Southern Illinois University, and studied product design at the Illinois Institute of Technology.



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