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  • Enhance your company’s reputation, brand equity and value with current and future clients, customers, consumers, donors, investors etc.

  • As a charter member, help CCA to kick start its initiatives while becoming part of the solution, not the problem

  • Begin networking with other CCA members to share ideas on developing a proactive business strategy and reducing our carbon footprints

  • Influence and support business lobbies in Washington and at the state level

  • Continue networking with other CCA members and meet like-minded businesses at CCA conferences

  • Provide the incentive to insurance companies to keep the risk of catastrophic climate damage in their portfolios, in light of stabilizing temperatures

  • Realize the benefits of tangible climate change mitigation to your business operations

  • Create additional brand equity from being associated with mitigating the damaging effects of climate change 

member benefits

For membership information, please call Jeff Phillips at (847) 951-1385

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